Intern Additional Information

Town of Madison Fire Department

Madison Area Technical College

Student Intern Firefighter Program




To provide Career Firefighter responsibilities and experiences to selected Madison Area Technical College (MATC) Students.

Selection of Interns:

The student will be selected for the Intern program by the Chief of the Town of Madison Fire Department; utilizing the department’s regular selection process. The following are the criteria that will be used to select candidates.

  1. The candidate must thoroughly complete all application materials by the stated deadline. Applications must be received by the Town of Madison Fire Department (or postmarked) on or before the established deadline. Late applications will not be considered.
  2. The candidate must successfully pass an oral interview in front of a panel of not less than 2 Town of Madison Fire Department personnel. The Chief of the Fire Department will select this panel.
  3. The candidate must pass a background investigation. This consists of but is not limited to contacting previous employers and references as will as a driver license check. The candidate will sign an authorization for release of information form.
  4. The intern must be able to meet all physical requirements as specified by the Town of Madison Fire Department, and may be subject to a physical examination or have current physical exam results available for inspection.
  5. The intern must have and EMT Basic license within the first three months of their internship.
  6. The intern must take the Compass reading placement test.


Expectations for Participation:

Once a student is selected for the Town of Madison Fire Department Intern Program, the following expectations will be required


  1. The intern must be a full-time student enrolled in the MATC Fire Service Associate Degree Program.
  2. A credit load of at least 12 credits per semester must be maintained.
  3. The intern will maintain a 3.0 grade point average in the core classes of the Fire Protection Specialist program, AND a 2.5 overall grade point average.
  4. The intern will be required to successfully complete the minimum training requirements as provided for all full time Town of Madison Firefighter / EMT’s.
  5. The intern will complete station duties, truck inspections, and any and all other duties assigned by the on-duty fire chief.
  6. The intern must attend Paramedic class within his or her first year and become certified as a paramedic within 18 months of his other start date with the Town of Madison Fire Department.


Failure to meet the basic expectations will result in the removal of the Intern.

No increase in pay until the intern passes their National Registry Paramedic exam.

Provisions to the Intern:


  1. An assigned permanent bed for use.
  2. Storage area for personal articles and clothing.
  3. Access to washer and dryer to launder clothing.
  4. Firefighting turnout gear. The items are the property of the Town of Madison Fire Department and must be returned upon leaving the Student Firefighting intern program.
  5. Parking space for one private vehicle per intern.
  6. Insurance coverage for workers compensation and any other applicable coverage’s extended to members of the Town of Madison Fire Department.
  7. Compensation in the amount of $225.00 per month for the first year, then with completion of the paramedic program and upon receiving their National Registry at the Paramedic level, pay will increase to $325.00 per month.
  8. If the intern leaves or is dismissed within the first or second year of the program he or she will reimburse 100% of the cost of the paramedic program and any other educational cost, third year 25% reimbursement.
  9. The inters Paramedic program will be paid in full by the department, and a reimbursement of $1000.00 per semester for the MATC Fire Service Associate Degree Program this will be paid out at the end of the semester.
  10. One benefit for interns is the opportunity to earn $20.00 per hour working on off days in the first aid room at the Dane County Coliseum, or at the Expo Hall.
  11. On duty interns may choose to work on the ambulance as an EMT or Paramedic from 7pm to 7am and earn volunteer wages if staffing permits.
  12. Interns may volunteer to work open EMS shifts on their off days and earn volunteer wages.


Intern Expectations:


  1. The intern’s appearance is considered a reflection of the level of professionalism and dedication to the department. The intern shall pay attention to his or her basic hygiene. Beds are to be made neatly each morning before 0800.
  2. The intern is to awake, shower and dress for the day before 0700 daily, including weekends.
  3. Clothing is to be stored on hangers, in a dresser, or within clothes bags. Piles of clothing will not be tolerated. Rooms will randomly be inspected weekly.
  4. All duties are to be completed on time.
  5. The Intern’s actions, and the actions of their visitors, reflect upon the department. The student is responsible for the actions of their visitors. Visiting hours are limited to 0800 to 2200 hours. Exceptions are granted only by the Chief of the Department, or the on duty Chief.
  6. The intern is responsible for their long distance phone call expenses. It is required that a phone credit card of some type be used to avoid charging calls to the Town of Madison Fire Department. Calls that are billed to the department are not allowed and will not be tolerated. The use of the business telephone will be permitted. However, phone use must be regulated so that at least one business line will be available for the department business at all times.
  7. AT NO TIME are interns to store or have alcohol, firearms, ammunition, or anything else deemed dangerous by the Fire Chief in the station. Immediate dismissal from the intern program is at the discretion of the Fire Chief.
  8. The intern will decline any offers of wild land firefighting while in the intern program. This is due to staffing problems and insurance reasons.
  9. Employment outside of the intern program is not desirable, but is permitted as long as the outside job can be scheduled around intern responsibilities and does not interfere with interns’ hours.
  10. If an intern works a third shift job, he or she is allowed to go to sleep at 1800 hours.
  11. All other interns will be courteous to an intern that is sleeping.
  12. If the intern is to be away from the area (not available for calls) for more than 24 hours, the intern is to notify the Chief on duty as to the length of time they will be gone, and information as to how they can be contacted.
  13. Semester grades are to be provided to the Town of Madison as soon as they are available to the intern. The grades are used to determine GPA performance and will go into the personnel file of the intern. If the grades have not been provided to the Town of Madison Fire Department by the start of the next semester, the intern will be removed from the intern program.
  14. Interns will be given 108 hours of vacation time. No intern will be allowed off duty unless sick or vacation time is used. Vacation request should be submitted to Chief O’Connor.
  15. The intern is responsible for his or her own income taxes and Social Security.
  16. Interns are allowed to trade shifts although, excessive trading of duty hours will not be tolerated. The Chief will give verbal warning to the intern when he has determined that the trading of duty is becoming excessive. Trades will be submitted in writings for approval by the Chief or on-duty Chief.


Daily Duties:

The on-duty intern is responsible for the cleaning and the presentation of the fire station and its equipment during assigned shift.


Daily duties will be completed by 1900 hours. Some duties will need to be completed a second time each day depending on the activities at the station (example – vacuum the day room or doing dishes). The intern on duty is responsible for all duties until 0700 hours, at which time the station is open to the public.


Duty Shifts:

The on-duty hours are from the end of school day until 0700 hours the next morning during weekdays of the school year.


The on-duty hours are from 0700 hours to 0700 (24 hours) the following day on weekend days during the school year.


The on-duty hours are from 0700 hours to 0700 hours (24 hours) the following day when school is not in session (Christmas & Spring breaks and Summer vacations).


The Town of Madison Fire Department retains the right to schedule interns up to 56 hours per week.

Daily assignments include but are not limited to:

  1. Cleaning of the front offices and police departments
  2. Dorm room, living room, floors vacuumed.
  3. Kitchen, hallway, fire office and bathroom floors mopped.
  4. Apparatus floor swept and picked up.
  5. All garbage bins are to be emptied and new bags placed into the bins.
  6. All counter tops, tables, stove, and refrigerator wiped down.
  7. All dishes washed, dried, and put away (any intern creating dishes is responsible for them).
  8. Any and all other assignments as directed by the Fire Chief or on duty fire Chief.


At 1630, all doors are to be locked. A walk through the station will be conducted to make sure that all duties have been accomplished. If a call comes in after the station duties have been completed, you are still responsible for the appearance of the station until 0700 hours that morning. (Ex. You may need to re-vacuum or do dishes)


If you are unable to complete these duties on a certain night, it is your responsibility to have another intern cover for you. However, you will still be held accountable for getting the work done and done correctly.


If you are unable to complete the cleaning duty on a certain night, it will be your responsibility to have another intern cover for you. You will still be held accountable for this assignment.


Truck Checks

Vehicles are to be checked for their readiness to respond to an emergency. The intern is responsible for performing the vehicle checks for the day that the intern is on duty.


Dispatch Duties:


  1. Answer incoming fire department phone calls.
  2. Take complete messages on phone message forms and deliver the message to the person or forward to voice mailbox.
  3. Acknowledge pages from the Comm. Center.
  4. Handle requests for information from fire units.


Weekly Assignments


The interns as a group are responsible for the below stated duty:


Saturday: Help paid staff flushing apparatus room floors and pumping drains (weather permitting).


Sunday: The refrigerator will be cleaned out. Any unused food that has “expired” will be thrown away. The inside of the stove is to be cleaned. All appliances will be wiped down. Stove and refrigerator will be moved out and the floor underneath will be cleaned. The outside of the cupboards and counters will be wiped down.


Wednesday: All dorm rooms will be cleaned thoroughly and put in a presentable stated. The bathroom sinks will be cleaned and showers scrubbed down. Shower doors will be washed. All mirrors are to be cleaned.


Friday: All building windows are to be washed and trash is to be picked up around the station, and behind bushes and what not. Second floor bathroom will be cleaned thoroughly


Seasonal Assignments



All interns will help shovel pavement in front of bay doors. Snow is to be removed from all sidewalk area’s that lead to or are attached to the stations. The snow in front of the bay doors is to be removed 10 feet from the building.




Chain of Command

The Town of Madison Fire Chief is the head of the intern program. Paid personnel and other volunteers on the department are to report to the Chief on duty if duties have not been completed. This would include station duties and truck checks. The Chief will then come to the intern on duty and discuss the problem.



It is hoped that there will be no need for any type of discipline. This policy is in place to have a course of action in the event that responsibilities of the intern are not met. The choice is available to the intern not to fulfill any of the daily, weekly, or other responsibilities, but upon the decision by the intern not to complete assigned duties, corrective action WILL result.


The Town of Madison Fire Chief has the option of terminating the student firefighter intern program at any time if the Chief determines it is in the best interest of the Town of Madison Fire Department.


Any intern who is in violation of the inters’ policy, or the policies and procedures of the Town of Madison Fire Department or in the Fire Chiefs opinion is in violation of the policy, or be in possession of alcohol, firearms, ammunition, or anything else deemed dangerous by the Fire Chief, will be removed from the program immediately.


For all other issues not covered herein, the intern will go through three steps before they are dismissed. They are:


  1. The Fire Chief will meet with the intern and discuss the problems. This meeting will serve as a notice that there is a problem with the Intern’s performance. Corrective actions will be discussed and the intern will abide by the Chiefs instructions.
  2. If the problem is not resolved in step one, or, there is a continuance of various other problems, a review committee will be formed. This committee will consist of at least 4 department members.
  3. If the committee should recommend that dismissal is in order, the Chief will dismiss the Intern. The dismissal will be effective immediately.


Original Version 12/96

Rev. 12/17



I, _____________________________ do certify that I have read the above Intern policy. I agree that I will abide by the rules and responsibilities as outlined within this Intern policy. I understand that I can be removed from the Intern program at any time due to poor performance, inadequate grades, misconduct, or for cause as determined by the Town of Madison Fire Chief. This does not constitute a contract of employment with Town of Madison Fire Department.


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